grape juice of brazil
suco de uva do brasil

From our family to yours

It is not an overstatement to say that the grape juice served on Brazilian tables is the result of the efforts of many families. The profile of properties that produce grape in Serra Gaucha is essentially domestic. An average of four person teams run the production in areas of approximately 2.6 planted hectares. Due to the steep landscape and relatively low production, these properties produce with little mechanized equipment.

However, when processing the grapes, modern and adequate equipment is used, resulting in good quality juice. Family tradition is reflected in the companies that produce juice: there are many that were handed down from generation to generation within traditional family names, others are co-operatives made up of hundreds of units of parents and their descendants.

The months of January and February are the busiest for these producers. Both the harvest and grape processing take place during these two months. At this time fresh produce reaches the market and families’ tables, giving meaning to all of the hard work.

Family Production
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