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17/08/2010 - Ibravin serves Brazilian still and sparkling wines and grape juice at SOCERGS 2010

 “The beneficial effects of regular consumption of wine were first observed in heart diseases.” A statement made by doctor Monson Jairo de Souza Filho, president of SOCERGS 2010 (Congress held by the Cardiology Society of the state of Rio Grande do Sul), which opened on Thursday (5) and ends on Saturday (7) in Gramado, Serra Gaucha. Thinking of joining business with pleasure, the Brazilian Wine Institute (Ibravin) has entered a partnership with the event, which will bring together more than a thousand national and international specialists in cardiology. Concurrently with the conference, the 3rd largest Congress of Cardiology in Brazil, Symposiums of Specialists in cardiology are held in the areas of Nursing, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Physical Education and Psychology at Serrano Resort Convention Center and Hotel Serra Azul Convention Center.

“Ibravin is an important ally in promoting a healthy lifestyle," says the president of the Congress, Dr. Jairo Monson de Souza Filho. The executive director of Ibravin, Carlos Raimundo Paviani, says the health related characteristics derived from grapes, especially wine and juice, deserve more attention from people. "Nothing better than a medical conference to spread the benefits of wine and juice for health," he points out. Recent studies have shown that red wine reduces the risk of heart disease, protects against nervous disorders, increases longevity and has anticancer power. "A very large number of epidemiological studies show that moderate intake of alcohol, especially wine, reduces heart and circulatory diseases and deaths from these causes by 40% to 60%," says Dr. Jairo Monson.

Brazilian wines will be present in the cocktail to welcome the participants of the event on Thursday (5) at 6pm. Ibravin will also serve Brazilian still and sparkling wine and grape juice at the two VIP rooms of the Congress. A tasting course will be held for 30 people, aimed at the companions of the conference attendees. On Friday night, the Presidents' Dinner will be served at Clube Gramadense, which will bring together the managers of cardiology medical associations throughout Brazil.

Four wineries from Rio Grande do Sul were selected to participate in the food pairing and tastings in Gramado: Aurora will serve brut sparkling wine; Domno muscatel sparkling wine, Góes and Venturini white wine (Chardonnay), and Rastros do Pampa red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon). According to the Manager of Promotion and Marketing of Ibravin, Diego Bertolini, the criteria for selecting the wines were based on the best score (of the variety requested for the pairing) achieved in the tasting held for the project "To Know the Taste of Brazilian Wines", held at Expovinis in April this year in São Paulo, along with the School of Gastronomy UCS / ICIFI in Flores da Cunha. At dinner, chef Mauro Cingolani, of ICIFI, will present the dishes and enologist Antonio Czarnobay will speak about the wines. Products from the 13 member companies of the project 100% grape juice from Brazil will also be served.
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