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28/06/2010 - Integral grape juice grows more than wine

Neither sparkling wines, nor red, white or rose wines. Among the drinks produced by Brazilian wineries, the largest increase in sales has been achieved by whole grape juice. Commonly sold in glass bottles, grape juice rose by 35.7% in sales volume in the first quarter of 2010 compared with the same period last year.

In 2009, some producers including Coopertiva Garibaldi achieved a higher growth level: 44% increase in sales, a rate higher than for still and sparkling wine. A great part of the product success is due to the extensive media coverage of studies that prove the health benefits generated by its regular consumption. According to specialists, the large amount of a substance called resveratrol turns the drink into a weapon against the clogging of the arteries caused by high levels of blood cholesterol.

Such demand came as a surprise to some producers. Salton, one of the largest wineries in Brazil, ran out of the product by the end of last year, what encouraged the company to invest R$ 1.2 million in the purchase of 12 refrigerated tanks with capacity of 660 thousand liters, in addition to a decanter. The production will grow by 30% this year and by 2012 whole grape juice is expected to account for 5% of Salton's sales – currently it represents 3%.

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