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25/10/2010 - The participation of still and sparkling wine and 100% natural grape juice ready to drink at the International Food and Beverages Exhibition (Sial) 20

 The participation of still and sparkling wine and 100% natural grape juice ready to drink at the International Food and Beverages Exhibition (Sial) 2010 ended this Thursday (21st) in Paris and resulted in the prospect of US$ 790 thousand in business for the next twelve months. During the fair, which opened on Sunday (17th), sales amounted to US$ 110 thousand. Sial 2010 is expected to generate a total of US$ 900 thousand for the 13 participating companies of the projects carried out by Ibravin (Brazilian Wine Institute). "We have advanced greatly, both in the number of participating companies, which has tripled, and the perception of French people in relation to the quality of Brazilian wines and sparkling wines," says the export manager of Wines of Brasil, Andreia Gentilini Milan. 

The Brazilian team in Paris consisted of Boscato (wine), Casa de Madeira (juice), Casa Valduga (wine and sparkling wine), Catafesta (juice), Galiotto (wine, sparkling wine and juice), Lidio Carraro (wine and sparkling wine), Miolo (wine and sparkling wine), Irmãos Molon (wine and sparkling wine), Peterlongo (wine and sparkling wine), Pizzato (wine and sparkling wine), Salton (wine and sparkling wine), Terragnolo (juice) and Villagio Grando (wine). During the last edition of Sial in 2008, also held in
Paris, four companies - Courmayer, Don Laurindo, Lidio Carraro and Miolo - totaled US$500 thousand in business. "It was a remarkable participation, not only because of the fair, but also for the concurrent events held at the Embassy of Brazil in Paris and at the OIV headquarters," points out the executive director of Ibravin, Carlos Raimundo Paviani.


Miolo gained a new client at the off-trade segment in France, selling a total of US$ 100 thousand at the event. "Our participation in the fair was important to improve the visibility of our products in France and Europe," says Fabiano Maciel, a representative of Miolo. Pizzato entered the Danish market and closed deals worth US$ 10 thousand with Ireland. "We did not only manage to consolidate some contacts in Europe, but also sought new contacts for business and got to know the competitors' products," says Flávio Pizzato.

The participation the Brazilian wineries in Sial 2010 was organized by Ibravin, through Wines of Brasil, a project held in partnership with Apex-Brasil and supported by Sebrae, the State Department of Development and International Affairs (Sedai) and the Federation of Industries for the state of Rio Grande do Sul (FIERGS). Companies that produce 100% natural grape juice ready to drink were taken to Sial 2010 by the Sector Development Program of the Grape Juice sector, carried out by Ibravin and the Brazilian Fruit Institute (Ibraf), along with Apex-Brasil.  "It was a good start but we still have a lot to develop in terms of promoting our 100% natural grape juice, with no added water or sugar," says the project coordinator of Ibravin, Raquel Rohden. "Grape juice accounted for US$ 200 thousand dollars out of the US$ 900 prospected in business during the fair," she added.


 "This is a very important fair to promote Brazilian wine, serving as a global showcase. It also enabled the search of business in several continents, mainly in Africa and Asia" said Vagner Montemaggiore, who along with Vinícius Santiago attended Sial 2010 representing Salton.


"The fair was important to promote our products and seek an importer for France and other countries. The partnership with Abiec was essential to expand our presence at the event, in addition to the tasting event promoted in partnership with the Embassy of Brazil at the OIV, with an audience of more than 100 people including wine opinion makers" said Juciane Casagrande, representing Casa Valduga.

"This year we started prospecting the foreign market. Thus, we could see at the fair prices, quality, and which markets are best suited to our company" commented Lucas Scott and Andre Fiorese, representatives of Peterlongo.

"Sial is an extremely important fair for building the image of Brazilian wine, although it is not focused on wine and does not provide a lot of contacts. The tasting event at the OIV, in partnership with the Embassy of Brazil, will certainly produce good results for the Brazilian wineries" said Patricia Carraro, a representative of Lidio Carraro."


“A good exhibition attended by representatives of different sectors, who accepted well our products, both wine and grape juice" said Leonardo Sauter, working for Cosmopolitan trading and representing the following companies: Boscato, Catafesta, Galiotto, Irmãos Molon, Terragnolo and Villagio Grando. According to Sauter, the organic grape juice was widely praised.

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