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In addition to being delicious and refreshing, grape juice made with no added water or sugar is great for health. Its nutrients provide high anti oxidant properties, making it a drink which is beneficial for all ages.

What are anti oxidants?

Anti oxidant properties mean the capacity to prevent damage generated by free radicals, which are substances responsible for the aging process and neurodegenerative diseases.

Is grape juice anti oxidant?

Yes, grape juice is considered to be anti oxidant for having a large amount of polyphenols. These are nutrients that contribute to coloring, acidity and other characteristics that make the drink so flavorsome. However, the drink’s highest benefit is to help our body in its functioning. These nutrients have activities that are anti oxidant, anti mutagenic, anti carcinogenic (protection against tumors, for example) and antiatherogenic (prevent heart diseases), amongst others.

What kind of polyphenols are in grape juice?

Grapes transfer a range of polyphenols to its by-products, amongst them flavonoids – such as catechin, epicatechin, proanthocyanidin and anthocyanin – and non flavonoids, in which resveratrol can be highlighted.

Does that mean that grape juice works as medicine?

No, grape juice can be an ally in the prevention of diseases, but not as a cure for illnesses. Therefore, children who have not suffered so much with the effect of free radicals, will surely reap more benefits thanks to the regular consumption of grape juice, because they will be “building” a barrier against these substances throughout their lives.

How much juice should one drink to prevent disease?

Many studies show the benefits of grape juice for human health. One such study affirms that 500ml (around two glasses) is capable of fulfilling in 100% the daily needs of iron, manganese , copper and zinc. These minerals also help the production of red blood cells, directly related to anemia prevention. To find out other positive properties of grape juice, access the section Health Benefits (HIPERLIKAR) on our website.

But isn’t grape juice fattening?

On the contrary. Medical research has shown that grape juice does not imply any weight gain and it actually helps when losing weight. In a test carried out on animals, water and juice were given to two different groups. At the end of the study, the ones who drank grape juice only weighed less than the one who were given water, because the animals felt better fed and consumed less food.

What types of grape juice are available?

Grape juice available today in the Market can be separated into different categories, such as white, red, rosé, organic or conventional.

Dr. Caroline Dani – Doctor in Biomedicine and scholar of Brazilian grape juice.

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