grape juice of brazil
suco de uva do brasil

Grape juice production in centered in the Serra Gaucha region in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. This is the same region that produces 85% of Brazilian wines. Serra Gaucha is characterized by its humid climate and basalt soil and benefits from high productivity – with no need for irrigation – this combination results in grapes being able to produce juice with an intense purple-violet color, remarkable aromas and excellent balance between sweetness and acidity.

In a nutshell, Serra Gaucha is the perfect location to grow grapes that make this traditional and flavorsome drink.

Regiões produtoras
Apex Ibravin Estado do Rio grande do Sul
Alameda Fenavinho, 481 - Ed. 29 | Cx. Postal 2577
Bento Gonçalves - RS | 95700-000 | Phone: 55 54 3455 1800